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Welcome to GamerCo (Gamer Company) Our guild's purpose is to be Kind, Courteous, Helpful, but we all must Have Fun and Enjoy the game of Battle of the Immortals.

Our Oath of Honor

I Will Not Cheat
I Will Not Steal
I Will Help My Fellow Guild Mates
I Will Represent GamerCo With Pride
I Will Look To Help Others Before Thinking Of Myself

That is Your Oath

Rise a Knight of GamerCo!

Dont forget to check the Forum and Voting Polls and also check out the Guides I made for you all - Kanzas

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Website Up!

hockeytommy64, May 6, 11 2:27 PM.
The GamerCo Website is up and running make sure you are signed up and use it to the fullest :D -Kanzas
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BoI – Liquidation Sale


This is your last chance to get these awesome items in the BoI Liquidation Sale before they are removed from the ZEN Marketplace!!





After nearly a month in Motenia, Latamantis has enjoyed his recent collaboration with the heroes of Atlantis.  There were many thrilling adventures, and many remarkable lessons shared between champions, but now it is time for Latamantis to seek his thrill elsewhere, and this time, he won’t be back for a long, long time.

June 8th to June 14th is the last week that Latamantis will be sold at the ZEN Marketplace.  During his last week, a 10 Pack Latamantis Card will only be at a Liquidation Sale price of 300 ZENs each, 70% off of its original price! 

Possible prizes from a Latamantis card are:

Gem of Hel LV4
LV5 Gem Chest
Basic Pet Gem
Major Fortify Crystal
Stone of Odin's Soul Jade LV 4
Charmstone Pack
Pet Skill Scroll Fragment
Fresh Flower x99
Skill Book-Book of Awakening
Super Gem Talisman


Don’t miss out your chance to obtain Latamantis’ assistance at an unbelievable discount before it is too late.








From June 8th to June 14th, Hades’ Blessing and the Blessing of the Tiger are all 25 ZENs each!  This is your last chance to try to get the fearsome Hades Feather Backgear, or the adorable Lion Mount from our Blessings Liquidation Sale before it is taken out of the game for a long time. 

Possible prizes from Hades’ Blessing:

Gem of Hel Fragment
Odin's Soul Jade LV 3
Fortify Charm
Odin's Soul Jade LV 4
LV 2 Gem Chest
Wolfking Karth's Soul
LV 3 Gem Chest
LV 4 Gem Chest



Possible prizes from the Blessing of the Tiger:

Eastern Lion
Major Fortify Crystal
Rainbow Meteor
Gem of Hel Fragment
Fortify Charm
Warcry Trumpet
Odin's Soul Jade LV 4
Starword Recharger
Wolfking Karth's Soul
Fresh Flower x99
F-Protect +10
[Starword] Crescent
[Starword] Silence



BoI – Universe Emblem Sale!!

by Tuscany @ Jun 7, 2011 7:05 PM

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Teach your pet to learn the kind of skill that you need.



Take control of your pet today, not the other way around.



Each pet has a personality of its own, and as you unlock their skill slots, they will learn different skill types randomly.  However that means sometime a certain skill type will not match your playing style.  But have no fear!  If you don’t think the skill type will be beneficial on your future journey, you can always use a Universe Emblem to change it to another random type.

The Universe Emblem will be only 20 ZENs each from June 8th to June 14th.  All you have to do is to visit Ligg in Atlantis Square with a Universe Emblem, and he will be able to randomize one of your unlocked pet skill slots into a different type for you. 



Don’t like that Passive Slot?  No problem, visit Ligg today at Atlantis Square.



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